How Do You Put Digital Pictures on a CD?


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In order to put digital pictures on a CD-ROM or CD-RW, your computer must have a CD burner. If it does, then you also likely have the software, sometimes called mastering software, needed to burn data files to CD. To save your photos, put a blank CD in the drive’s tray, and then open the software, pointing it to the directory where the photos are stored.

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If your computer runs a current version of Windows, insert a blank or re-writable CD in the CD drive, and wait for Windows to prepare the disk. When the disk is ready to save files, Windows opens a pop-up window that asks if you want to burn an audio or data CD. Select the option “Burns files to disc.” If you’re using a Apple computer, the Mac OS has a similar built-in media burner that asks what you want to burn to CD whenever the operating system detects a writable disk in the CD drive. Select the option to save files to the CD.

In both cases, follow the instructions in the windows that open, verify your file choices and locations, and then tell the software to burn the CD. Depending on software settings, the computer may sound an alert tone and/or eject the disk once it’s burned. If you need mastering software with more cataloging features, there are also many third-party programs, such as Roxio Easy CD and DVD Burner, available.

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