What Is the Purpose of Setup Guides?


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The purpose of setup guides is to standardize installation of hardware and software. With setup guides, home users as well as information technology professionals can reasonably expect their technology to work as they expect it to.

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Manufacturers’ setup guides are supposed to prove that vendors have tested their hardware and software and are sure that they work. Further, they help streamline the setup process so that users who follow instructions can have their technology up and running as soon as possible. Often other professionals add to setup guides based on unanticipated problems. For instance, “How to Set Up Your New PC” is a setup guide that offers tips on troubleshooting setup for a new Windows 8 computer and steers users away from security issues not addressed in the OEM guide.

Setup guides can also facilitate troubleshooting in the event of a service call, because support technicians can follow along in the guide to diagnose problems. Setup guides also contain legal notices about licensing and proper use of equipment and software, as well as notices about compliance with federal communications standards. Even the format of setup guides is standardized so the same information is usually listed in the section of a guide no matter what technology it’s is written for.

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