What Is the Purpose of ROBLOX Studio?


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ROBLOX Studio is a game creation environment created for the ROBLOX game, made for developers to adjust in-game assets and scripts and create worlds. In essence, it allows developers to create new game modes within ROBLOX itself and provides a dedicated environment to test these creations before adding them in.

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ROBLOX itself is a multiplatform massively multiplayer online game with an emphasis on user-generated content, such as levels and buildings. The creators of this game provided tools for the players as well as services to get these users paid for their work, creating a game that maintains millions of players as of 2015.

Similar concepts to ROBLOX exist, such as Blockland and some Lego games. Blockland is a paid online multiplayer game in which users play with construction blocks, similar to Lego. Lego itself released a game for early access in 2015 called Lego Worlds, an open world game where players collect bricks and create structures, shaping the world as they choose.

Minecraft is another game involving the collection and placement of blocks, created in the Java environment originally and since released to many consoles, such as the XBox and the PS4. The game is notable for its emphasis on survival aspects, requiring players to build structures to shelter themselves from hostile monsters.

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