What Is the Purpose of Network Monitoring Tools?


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The purpose of network monitoring tools is to allow the information technology department of a business or corporation to receive data regarding the performance of its servers and related machines and to allow it to identify and solve issues. The tools constantly track performance through multiple states, sending periodic reports and allowing members of the department to check the system on demand.

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Network monitoring tools may include a number of different software programs that watch various aspects of a company's computer network, either for internal employee use or to connect customers with a product or service. The tools track the performance of the machines, measuring the time it takes to download a Web page, the speed with which a user request returns information or the transfer of date across machines. These tools can typically set performance thresholds for each metric, with the IT department receiving an alert if the performance falls below the designated level.

The tools also frequently allow the IT department to run diagnostics on the system to identify the cause of any issue, though some do not contain functionality to fix the issue. If a member of the IT department suspects an issue with an aspect of the system, she may use the tools to check the performance and isolate any problems. The tools allow the department to act more efficiently and save the company money and time.

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