What Is the Purpose of a Keyword Generator?


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A keyword generator is a piece of software that takes given prompts about a specific topic and generates potential search terms pertaining to the topic. These are used for SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, purposes, and they help websites get to the top of search engine results and stay there.

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Keyword generators provide the user with a list of keyword phrases to use for ad campaigns or targeted content such as articles. In addition to the keywords, they contain statistics such as how many search results exist for the given keyword, the click-through rate per month and the cost per click, which is especially relevant in AdWords campaigns. The results can be organized by any of these fields depending on what metrics the advertiser wants to see.

A keyword generator can also provide writing prompts for a Web marketing campaign, so valuable content can be produced for a website. Keywords provide a starting point for a variety of articles about a single subject, but for useful search results, it's best to use keywords that are as specific as possible, Moreover, evergreen keywords are preferable. These are keywords that remain relevant over a long period of time, so they tend to stay high in search results.

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