What Is the Purpose of HP Lightscribe Software?


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The purpose of HP Lightscribe software is to enable a computer, through its Lightscribe-enabled DVD drive, to burn a label directly onto a special Lightscribe-enabled DVD or CD. Hewlett-Packard invented the Lightscribe technology to help users avoid using stick-on labels, markers and sticky adhesive to label their discs.

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The technology uses a specially designed Lightscribe-enabled DVD drive to burn images onto the surface of specially designed CDs. To find out whether your computer is capable of Lightscribe printing, check your CD tray door for the Lightscribe text and logo. If it is present, your computer needs only the software and the special CDs or DVDs. If not, there is no known way of upgrading to Lightscribe except by having the DVD drive.

Once you have finished burning data onto the read-only (normal) side of the disc, turn over the disc. The laser then etches whatever image you want to use to label the disc. Since the disc is laser-etched, the label lasts a long time. However, experts give some advice on how to store and handle discs. Keep finished discs away from direct sunlight, extreme heat and humidity. Most importantly, be sure to store discs in polypropylene disc sleeves rather than PVC sleeves.

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