What Is the Purpose of a Web Form?


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Web forms serve a variety of purposes depending on the needs of the site, such as allowing users to register for accounts, sign up for subscriptions or provide feedback on different issues. The forms typically consist of mandatory sections, such as an email address or name, and optional fields that may include free text or section options.

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What Is the Purpose of a Web Form?
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The basic elements of a Web form consist of areas where a user may write in text and a button that triggers the submission of the text to the website owner, often through an email or database entry. One common purpose for Web forms is to allow a site to collect personal information for an account registration process. This often requires the user to enter her name and email address along with creating a unique username and password for the site. Some sites may also use Web forms to enable users to subscribe to an email newsletter or reserve a spot in a class or event.

Companies also use Web forms to allow users to submit feedback or customer service requests. In these forms, the user typically needs to choose from a series of drop-down menus to designate the nature of the message, such as a billing issue or request for a password reset, and to provide a description of the situation. These forms allow the company to classify user correspondence easily and to direct it to the appropriate locations.

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