What Is the Purpose of an Apple ID Password?

Apple IDs and passwords enable Mac or iPhone users to sign in to their devices, to make purchases and to authorize purchases made through Apple services such as the iTunes Store, iBooks Store and Mac App Store. The Apple ID must be a valid email address. For strength, the password must have at least eight characters and include one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number. Additionally, it must not have one character that consecutively appears three times.

To apply for Apple IDs, users must submit their full name, primary email address, password and date of birth. New users must also provide their country, preferred mailing address and preferred language. Additionally, they must choose three security questions and the answer to each of these. The security questions help users verify their identity in case they loses their password. Users can enter a rescue email address for the same purpose.

After a user successfully signs up for an Apple ID, Apple uses it to choose his default country when he activates his iPhone and when he uses Apple services. Users can update their Apple ID email address and change their passwords at the My Apple ID page. They can also reset the security questions and add an alternate email address.