What Is the Purpose of an App That Turns Your Wi-Fi on and Off?


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Applications that toggle Wi-Fi on and off can increase the battery life of an Android device. Even when outside the range of a preferred wireless network, Android devices continue to search for a connection, which drains the battery. Applications with the toggle functionality disable Wi-Fi whenever the device is far away from a preferred wireless network.

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While it is possible to toggle an Android device's Wi-Fi connection manually, a user may forget to do so. Apps that automate this process offer peace of mind and increased battery life. Smart WiFi Toggler and JuiceDefender are two popular applications that offer this functionality. Smart WiFi Toggler, which has an average rating of 4.2 stars in the Google Play store, learns the location of a device's preferred wireless networks and uses this information to automatically enable or disable the Wi-Fi connection based on the device's location.

JuiceDefender, with an average rating of 4.4 stars, works in a similar manner to Smart WiFi Toggler, but can also automatically disable a device's connection whenever the device is not in use. JuiceDefender then briefly re-enables the connection at regular intervals. This allows the phone or tablet to continue to receive messages, emails and other data, but without the unnecessary power usage caused by a constant wireless connection.

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