How Do You Purchase an SD Card to Upgrade Your Nextar GPS?

How Do You Purchase an SD Card to Upgrade Your Nextar GPS? and allow users to purchase SD cards for a variety of Nextar GPS models. As of 2015, Nextar is no longer an operational business, since the company filed for bankruptcy in 2011. The company’s official website previously provided the software required for downloading map upgrades to SD cards, but the website no longer exists.

It is highly recommended to update GPS devices with the latest map updates since roads and routes change frequently. Since Nextar is no longer available, users might want to purchase a new GPS to gain access to newer map updates. According to, the Germin and TomTom devices are some of the top rated GPS devices of 2015.

Nextar’s process for upgrading maps on its devices required users to discard the SD card already equipped in the GPS. Users were required to purchase a new SD card and download updates on it, then insert the new card into the device. Determining the correct SD card for the GPS was found by providing the device’s model and serial number on the company’s website. Removing the existing SD card is located on the side of the GPS. After inserting the new SD card, users were required to press the reset button and click the navigation button to automatically update the GPS.