How Do You Find Where to Purchase Big Brainz Math Software?


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Users have several options to purchase Big Brainz math fact fluency games from the software's website. The least expensive software license costs $20 for three months, and the most expensive license is $100 for a permanent license, as of February 2015.

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Single-operation games and activities cost $20 over three months. A single operation means the games revolve around addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. A 12-month license for one single operation costs $40. Two operations are $60 for 12 months, which means users can purchase addition with subtraction or multiplication with division simultaneously. All four basic operations sell for $40 for three months, $80 for 12 months and $100 for a permanent license.

Users can upgrade to longer licenses later by paying the difference in price from the original purchase. The website's shopping cart finds the previous purchase information and automatically gives consumers the discount. Individuals click on Add to Cart and then either log in or create an account.

Big Brainz also lets schools purchase the deluxe edition for $5,000 for an entire site for one year, and the software company allows institutions to track students' learning. The company claims 30 minutes per week on each operation leads to 95 percent total mastery in two months. The software works for Windows versions 7, 8, Vista and XP along with Macintosh Intel-based OSX version 10.6 or later.

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