How Do You Purchase an Assurance Wireless Upgrade?


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Adding money and upgrading an Assurance Wireless phone plan can be done using the online portal or through the automated phone service. Users can also add money to their accounts using a Virgin Mobile Top-Up card, as Assurance is a government-subsidized subsidiary of Virgin Mobile.

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Users can also add money to their accounts using credit, debit or PayPal. To add money online, users log into their accounts and navigate to the My Account page, where they can enter their payment method or Top-Up card PIN to credit their accounts.

Users then select change offers, including the $5 Talk or $30 Unlimited offers, to upgrade or downgrade their accounts. Users can also select neither option and opt to be charged 10 cents per minute or text message after depleting a monthly credit line of 250 to 500 minutes depending on their service location. Users who are not currently assigned to a plan can upgrade or downgrade immediately, whereas users that currently subscribed are transferred at the beginning of the next billing cycle.

As of April 2015, users can also use the Assurance Wireless automated phone line and choose the Top-Up prompt to add money to an account. They can then select the Change Your Plan prompt to switch between add-on plans.

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