What Does PUK Mean on a Cell Phone?

PUK, which is sometimes called the "PUK Code," stands for "Pin Unlock Code." It is occasionally called "PUC," which is the same as "PUK." This special code is needed to unlock the cell phone if the wrong four-digit pin number has been entered three times in a row or if the SIM Card has been reported stolen.

An eight-digit PUK code is unique to a phone and can usually be found on the back of the SIM card or with the documents that accompany the phone. Some cellphone companies do not provide this, which makes it necessary to contact the cellphone company or login to an account online to retrieve the code. The cellphone company is likely to ask some security questions before revealing the PUK code to ensure that the caller is the owner of the phone.

It is important to get the correct PUK code and not to guess incorrectly. If the wrong PUK code is entered 5 to 10 times, the SIM card becomes permanently locked, which means it is necessary to get a new one. However, this may lead to the complete loss of contact details that are stored with the SIM card.

PUK2 Codes are different than PUK and are sometimes referred to as "Personal Unlocking Keys." This code is needed after entering a PIN2 number incorrectly three times. These are usually created when accessing the address book and are not required as often as standard PUK codes.