How Do You Find a PSX BIOS File for an Android?

How Do You Find a PSX BIOS File for an Android?

Verified PSX BIOS files for the original Playstation are available from reputable emulation sites around the Internet. These files and the games with which they are used are only legal to install and play as long as you own a physical copy of the game you are emulating.

  1. Open your web browser on your Android phone

    Playstation emulators available on the Android operating system require a BIOS to play full retail games. Any of the major browsers on Android have the capability to download the files you need, including Dolphin, Chrome, the stock browser for Android and Firefox.

  2. Navigate to FreeROMS

    There are thousands of websites all across the Internet that feature PSX BIOS files. For instructional purposes, FreeROMS, a popular emulation website, is used in this guide. These instructions are similar to other sites as well.

  3. Find the PSX BIOS under the Playstation One (PSX) section

    On the left side of the page, there is a listing of many different videogame systems for which there are emulators and ROMS available. Select the one that says Playstation One (PSX). Once the page loads, choose the letter B. This lists all of the downloads under this letter. Click on the link called BIOS.

  4. Download the PSX BIOS file

    Click the link that says Direct Download, and the file begins downloading into your phone's download folder. Its size is approximately 237KB. Most Android Playstation emulators can use this zip file without needing to unpack it. Otherwise, use a file browser such as AndroZip to unpack the file into your PSX emulator folder.