Where Do You Find the Proxy Server on a Computer?

The way to find the proxy settings on a computer depends on the operating system installed. On a Windows PC, one can find the proxy settings under Local Area Network Settings. On a Mac OS X, the proxy settings are found under the Network settings after clicking the Advanced button.

To find the proxy server on a Windows PC, click the Start button, and then select Control Panel. Under the Control Panel window, click on Internet Options. Click on the Connections tab in the Internet Properties window, and then click on the LAN Settings button. The LAN Settings window displays the proxy server IP address and the port number.

To find the proxy server on a Mac, go to the Apple menu and select System Preferences. Then, click on the Network icon. Choose the network service you use from the list. Click the Advanced button and then the Proxies tab. Then, under the "Select a protocol to configure" menu, select "Web Proxy (HTTP)." The Web proxy server IP address and the port number are displayed.