What Is a Proxy List?


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A proxy list is a list of open HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS proxy servers that are all on one website that users can access for browsing. Proxies are what allow users to make indirect network connections to other computer network services.

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What Is a Proxy List?
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A proxy list includes all of the IP addresses of computers hosting open proxy servers, making these proxy servers available to anyone that is on the Internet. The lists are often organized by the various proxy protocols used by servers.

There are three separate types of HTTP proxies, including fully anonymous proxies, anonymous proxies and transparent proxies. Fully anonymous proxies do not change request fields and look like a real browser. A fully anonymous proxy also hides the user's identity and doesn’t show Internet servers that the user is using a proxy. An anonymous proxy also does not show a real IP address, but does change the request fields, making it easy to detect through log analysis that the user is using a proxy. A transparent proxy is not anonymous at all, but is simply HTTP, and it changes request fields and shows a real IP address. These proxies are used mostly for network speed improvement, as they are not good for security of privacy.

SOCKS is a protocol that relays sessions at a firewall host to give users transparent access across the firewall. For this reason, these are used for many different services, including telnet, gopher, WWW and many others.

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