What Is a Proxy Site?


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A proxy site acts as an intermediary between a computer and end device such as a server. Instead of the client?s IP address handling the task performed by the client, the IP address of the proxy handles the task, which increases the possibility of anonymity within a network.

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Proxy sites, or proxy servers, fulfill requests for clients, effectively allowing clients to remain anonymous. The proxy searches through a cache of recently visited pages when a client requests a webpage. If the proxy server finds the requested page within the cache, it returns it to the user without the need to access it from the Internet. If the proxy server does not find the requested page within the cache, the proxy uses an IP address of its own to fulfill the request and return the page to the client. Proxies are useful in both enterprises and personal settings.

Enterprises can use a proxy to log traffic on the server and monitor workers to increase the integrity of their systems. An individual may use a proxy to increase privacy and allow for anonymous browsing of the Internet from either a personal or public network.

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