How Do You Protect a Satellite Dish Against Snow?


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A satellite dish can be protected against snow by using a satellite dish heater, a fabric cover or a spray that repels moisture. These methods can cost anywhere from $30 to $180, as of 2015. Some major satellite providers recommend the satellite dish heater above other solutions.

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In the event of extreme ice or snow, satellite providers encourage their customers to use satellite dish heaters to keep their dish clean and satellite signal strong. Dish heaters are heating elements that can be stuck to the front of the dish. Some run constantly, while others have a sensor that turns it on once the weather has dropped below freezing temperatures. They are sold in kits for $120 to $140, or in separate pieces. When sold separately, heating elements are around $75, while the power supply ranges from $50 to $70.

Satellite providers discourage customers from using fabric covers or hydrophobic sprays. Manufacturers of fabric covers claim that their product shields a dish from harsh winters by creating a gap between the dish and the cover's surface. Providers claim that covers can worsen signal strength regardless of the weather. The makers of moisture repellent sprays claim a similar ability to protect a satellite dish, as their product makes the surface slippery and not conducive to freezing. Satellite providers warn customers that sprays are ineffective, entice birds, damage the surface of the dish and obstruct satellite signals.

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