How Do You Protect Your Pictures From Online Scammers?

How Do You Protect Your Pictures From Online Scammers?

Photos posted on the Internet can be protected by taking measures, such as watermarking, disabling right click, image overlay and enabling low resolution. While determined and skilled individuals can get around efforts to protect images, taking certain steps make image copying less likely, states

Disabling the right click feature is one of the most popular way to protect images. Most individuals right click to save pictures online. Without this feature available, it is more difficult to copy an image.

Watermarking allows the owner of the content to place a name or trademark directly on a photo before sharing it online. Watermarking is considered a highly effective method of photo protection because anyone seeking to copy a watermarked image is not able to remove the text or trademark from the photo.

A third option is to paste or overlay a blank image on top of a photo. This method deters theft since the image saved when someone attempts to right click and copy is a blank photo file.

Someone who wishes to keep his photos private may opt to password protect them in a photo gallery. When an online album is secured in this manner, viewers must know the password in order to access those pictures.