What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Purchased Email Lists for Internet Marketing?


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Some of the positive aspects of purchasing an email list for Internet marketing include reaching new potential clients, saving time building the list and expanding access to new markets. Some of the negative aspects are that the members of the list may mark the emails as spam, the list may not include active accounts and you may receive a blacklisting.

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Many Internet marketers consider purchasing an email list for campaigns, which means buying a literal list of email address to use with an email distribution service. Buying such a list is typically a more expedient process than collecting address organically through a sign-up form on a website or by conducting opt-in collection campaigns through an advertising service. They also allow the marketer to quickly reach a large number of people with information about his service or product; in some cases, within demographics that he may otherwise not be able to reach.

However, one of the largest drawbacks with these email lists is that they carry a low click-through rate, meaning that only a small percent of the people who receive the emails are going to open them and visit the destination site. Using these lists also increases the likelihood that the recipients label the marketer's email as spam, which prevents him from reaching those people again with the same email address. If the marketer receives a large number of spam designations, the email provider may label all his emails as spam and prevent him from legitimately reaching customers thereafter.

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