What the Pros and Cons of Using CalendarsThatWork.com?


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Pros for CalendarsThatWork.com are it is free, printable for those who like a paper calendar, and fully customizable with one’s own events on the paid version. Cons are paper calendars cannot be accessed anywhere like a virtual calendar can, and full access to everything the program can do costs money.

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CalendarsThatWork.com is a website that allows users to print out monthly calendars for free. Users can elect to send the calendar to themselves monthly. The calendars run on Microsoft Word. Events can be entered or imported from a Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar.

The free version has a limited number of years and a limited number of calendar formats. Full access is only $22 per year as of July 2015. If the user has full access, he gets all the calendar formats for any dates up through this century and is able to customize them with photos and notes.

While this program is a great idea for those who enjoy a visual calendar on paper, users should keep in mind that they will not have access to that calendar at all times like a virtual calendar on a cell phone. A virtual calendar can be updated at any moment when there is access to the Internet, which makes scheduling events and appointments much easier. Keeping everything on a paper calendar means the user may not have access to it during a scheduling time.

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