What Are the Pros and Cons of a TV and Internet Bundle?


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The pros of using a TV and Internet bundle include the convenience of paying only one bill, dealing with a single vendor and a discounted introductory pricing that lasts for a certain period. The disadvantages are reflected in the possibility that one element of the bundle doesn’t match the users’ needs, early termination fees, and the necessity of a multi-year commitment to get special offers and rebates.

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Another possible problem with TV and Internet bundles is the lack of availability in certain areas. At times, these bundles necessitate additional expenses that aren’t part of the advertised price. For example, a TV and Internet bundle that features channels in high definition might require an HD box, which isn’t part of the bundle, to access these channels. Additionally, an element of a bundle might include a level of service that a user doesn’t need. For example, the Internet element might offer higher speeds than necessary, or the TV element might include unwanted channels, both of which can needlessly inflate the price of the bundle.

Advantages of specific TV and Internet bundles, such as the one that Dish Network provides, include availability in rural areas that don’t have any alternatives when it comes to Internet access, with speeds comparable to the 4G standard, which allows basic Internet use. The downside of this bundle is that the speed precludes bandwidth-intense activities such as streaming video content in high definition.

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