What Are the Pros and Cons of Technology?


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Technology is a powerful teaching aid that allows anyone with an Internet connection to access a wealth of information. It has increased communication and connectivity all over the world and has created a thriving new industry that provides employment for millions of people. However, technology also enables cheating among students, creates new types of crime and exposes vulnerabilities for exploitation.

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Technology's harmful side effects on individuals have less to do with the direct impact of computers and social media and more to do with the corresponding lifestyle. Computers can be addictive, resulting in children and adults sacrificing hours of time and switching to extremely sedentary lifestyles that contribute to the rising rate of obesity and promote procrastination. Improvements in efficiency encourage a culture of instant gratification as well.

However, technology also allows for more interactive teaching styles that encourage students to engage with the material rather than rely on memorizing facts and concepts. Medical advancements have increased life expectancy, improved the standard of care and provided cures to a number of diseases and less serious illnesses. Technology allows businesses to overcome language barriers to create a globalized community. Contrary to fears that technology worsens isolation, online communities provide support and outlets that people may be otherwise unable to find in their daily lives.

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