What Are Some of the Pros and Cons of Skype and WebEx Meeting Center?

Although both WebEx Meeting Center and Skype can be used for remote meetings, WebEx includes features useful in office settings, such as annotation tools and a polling feature. However, each program is designed for different purposes, and Skype offers features, such as a contact list and support for smileys, that make it a better communication tool.

Skype is primarily a tool for affordable communication. It is available for free, but additional features are available for a fee. Users can call other Skype users at no cost. They can also chat or make video calls. As of October, 2014, video calls are available for up to five users, but better bandwidth allows more users to chat. Group audio calls allow a maximum of 25 people on one call.

Skype also features screen sharing, group screen sharing, a contact list and the ability to send files of any size to other Skype users. Skype works on multiple devices including computers, tablets and mobile phones.

WebEx is a product of Cisco and is designed for organizations. It is available for a fee and can be scaled and customized to suit an organization's particular needs. WebEx does not require special software and can be accessed through a web browser. Like Skype, it allows users to share anything on their screens. It also allows a large number of team members to talk to each other in HD video.