What Are the Pros and Cons of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5?


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According to the technology publication Techspot, one of the biggest advantages of using Samsung's Galaxy Note 5 is the device's top-quality screen. The Note 5 features a high contrast screen that's resistant to scratches and damage. The screen is also very large compared to other smartphones.

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Other pros of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 are the abundant stylus functions, ability to expand the device's memory and the upgraded camera. The Note 5 was also applauded for its clear call quality, which was significantly upgraded from earlier Galaxy Note models. Furthermore, the Galaxy Note 5 features several performance upgrades, including a speedy new quad core processor. It also offers user the ability to expand the memory capabilities after purchasing the phone.

Conversely, Techspot's biggest complaint about the Galaxy Note 5 was its steep price. Another major disadvantage of the Note 5 was poor camera performance in low light scenarios. In addition, the phone was cited for being complicated to use. Although the Android platform the Note 5 is built on offers lots of functionality, its steep learning curve may discourage new users from fully exploring its possibilities. Another downside of the Note 5 was the type of plastic used on the back plate.

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