What Are Some Pros and Cons of a Miniature Wireless Camera?


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The benefits of miniature wireless cameras include flexibility, versatility and hidden surveillance. The cameras are suitable for body-worn or hidden miniature applications. Disadvantages include blocking, signal loss and easily compromised image security.

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Miniature wireless cameras are easy to set up. They do not require electric wiring, making installation less complicated than for cabled cameras. Also, individuals do not need experience to perform the installation. Miniature wireless cameras provide exceptional picture quality and are ideal for wide-angle lens filming, since they can capture images from a close range yet remain invisible. These cameras are available in body-worn items such as sunglasses, hats, key chains and ties. They are useful for vehicle surveillance, home surveillance systems and in producing television shows.

However, miniature wireless cameras are not ideal for long-term surveillance. Since they use battery power, recording stops once the battery has drained. Adding devices to the camera's wireless range interferes with the signal and may result in signal loss or lost video. In addition, thieves can easily jam or block the camera. If they know the location of the camera, they can easily uninstall it and carry it away. Also, digital video recorders may pick up signals from miniature wireless cameras, compromising the security of the images.

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