What Are the Pros and Cons of the Family Cellphone Plan Offered by Verizon?

pros-cons-family-cellphone-plan-offered-verizon Credit: Mint Images - Tim Robbins/Mint Images RF/Getty Images

The pros of the Verizon family cellphone plan options include a reduced cost per line, free mobile to mobile calling, convenient billing, easy one plan management and flexible data allowances, while the only real con is having to share data with the other phones on the plan. Verizon Wireless offers a variety of phone plan options to fit any size family, with plans allowing up to 10 devices to share one package.

Verizon Wireless offers the More Everything plan that works for individuals as well as families. The plan includes unlimited talk and text, shared data for up to 10 devices, a personal Wi-Fi hotspot and Cloud storage. The data plans range in size depending on the consumer's needs and are easily managed through the plan without any penalties if the needs change during the contract.

The Verizon Wireless website allows users to build their plan, add the amount of data desired and even select the phones to include on the plan. The Verizon Edge included with the package allows users to upgrade their phones with a low cost option that is paid with low monthly payments and no upfront costs. The "My Verizon" section of the website makes it easy for users to view and pay their bill, as well as make any changes to an existing plan.