What Are the Pros and Cons of a Cable Internet Modem With Built-in WiFi?

A cable modem with built-in WiFi can be an excellent way to bring the Internet to every room in a house, but some common problems include the cost of renting a modem from the cable company and spotty coverage in some areas. For many people, the flexibility and convenience of wireless Internet through a cable modem outweigh these concerns.

Some of the main benefits of cable modems with built-in WiFi include the flexibility to work and surf the Internet anywhere in the house, a reduction in the amount of wires that have to be run for Internet access, and the ability for multiple users to use the Internet at the same time. Having a combination modem and router also means users don't have to invest in multiple devices.

Cable modems with built-in wireless routers can be expensive to rent from the cable company, however, and a single router can have issues covering the entire house. For some people, this means that rooms that are far away from the router may have interference or problems connecting to the network, and users may have to invest in another router to boost the signal. Security is another concern with wireless Internet, since WiFi networks have security risks if they are not properly protected.