What Is the Proper Method to Diagnose Internet Connection Problems?

To diagnose Internet connection problems, run the computer's network diagnostic tool, attempt to visit multiple websites, check the router and modem, and connect to the network with another device. Diagnosis can be completed within 15 minutes, but many issues can only be fixed by your Internet Service Provider.

  1. Run a network diagnostic

    Your computer has a network diagnostic tool that tests the connection for problems and provides instructions for correcting those problems. Follow any instructions given. If no problem is found, manual troubleshooting is required.

  2. Test multiple websites

    Visit multiple websites to determine if the issue is with your network or with a specific website.

  3. Inspect the router and modem

    The router and modem can be one or two devices. Flashing green lights usually mean both are running correctly. An orange light indicates a problem. Unplug both, and then plug them in again. This restarts them and can correct problems. It may be necessary even if both have flashing green lights. Try plugging your computer's Ethernet cable into the modem. If that restores Internet access, the issue is with the router.

  4. Try another device

    Connect to the network with another computer or a smartphone to determine if the problem is with your computer. Common computer problems that can block Internet access include viruses and incorrectly configured firewalls.