What Is the Proper Method of Cleaning Vinyl Records?

What Is the Proper Method of Cleaning Vinyl Records?

To clean a vinyl record, prepare the record on a turntable, apply solution to a brush, rotate the record while holding the brush against it, and wipe away the dirt. Cleaning a vinyl record takes roughly 10 minutes and requires vinyl cleaning solution, an applicator brush, a turntable and a wire pipe-cleaning brush.

  1. Prepare the vinyl record

    Place paper towels down on a turntable. Secure the tone arm so it can't swing out. Place the record on the turntable.

  2. Prepare the brush

    Pour a few drops of the record-cleaning solution on the applicator brush. Never place the solution directly on the record itself. Place the brush on the inner circle of the record.

  3. Work the dirt loose

    Hold the application brush at a slight angle. Manually rotate the turntable counter-clockwise. Follow the grooves out to the edge of the record.

  4. Remove stubborn dirt

    Rotate the turntable clockwise for stubborn dirt spots.

  5. Scrape off the dirt

    Use the wire pipe-cleaning brush to scrape dirt and lint off of the applicator brush. Never scrape dirt or lint off directly of the record. Turn the record over, and repeat the cleaning process.