What Programs Use LINUX Software?

There are many programs that run on the Linux operating system, including Firefox, Chrome, GIMP, Calligra Suite and Gnome. In addition to these programs, several video games are available for Linux operating system as of 2015. Because Linux is open source, the number of available programs is constantly growing.

Linux is a free, open-source operating system that is fully customizable for individual users. Software developers are constantly adding to the library of software available on the Linux platform. As with the operating system, the majority of software available for Linux is free and open source.

Firefox and Chrome are both browsers compatible with Linux. Mozilla's Firefox is the standard browser for Linux and comes with most distributions. Google's Chrome browser is also compatible with Linux.

GIMP is a photo editor for Linux based systems. GIMP can create and edit graphics of any file type and can do nearly anything Photoshop does.

Calligra Suite is a set of office productivity software. Calligra Words is word processing and desktop publishing software. Calligra Stage is presentation software for creating slides. Calligra Sheets and Calligra Flow create spreadsheets and graphs. Calligra Suite also has a database creator, Kati.

GNOME is a desktop environment designed to run on LINUX. GNOME is mainly an interface, but most distributions come with core applications such as chat, weather, a word processing application and spreadsheet application. Several hundred contributors work on the GNOME project as of 2015. GNOME is free and open sourced.

Several video games are available for the Linux platform. "Civilization 5," "Minecraft" and "Team Fortress 2" are a few titles available as of 2015. "Minecraft" is a Java-based game, which allows it to play on Linux platforms. Other titles are available exclusively for Linux and available in single-player or online in multi-player games.