What Are Some Programs That Generate Funny Names?


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Free online programs capable of generating funny names are available through Cheezus and Spinxo. Name Generator Fun also offers a number of free name generators, including a superhero name generator and a pirate name generator.

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Name Generator Fun contains a collection of name generators; these programs primarily focus on generating interesting fantasy names for RPGs and MMORPGs, but there are also more whimsical options such as a roller derby name generator and a unicorn name generator. The site's tough guy name generator creates unique names like "Rocky Chokeslam" and "Fridge Buffgroin." The Funny Mean Name Generator by Cheezus also creates humorous names, but the site focuses on ones that are mean and insulting, with examples such as "zit-jawed plopsqueeze" and "wet-specked spewweed."

Spinxo's name generator is especially useful for username generation, allowing users to input information such as hobbies, numbers and desired keywords to create a list of names customized to the user's preferences. Spinxo also has separate programs to generate names for social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

The Benedict Cumberbatch Funny Name Generator by Language is a Virus generates funny names loosely based on Benedict Cumberbatch's name. Some of these variations include "Tamperclink Crumpetmatch" and "Slumberspork Consortyak."

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