What Programs Does EngVid Offer for English Lessons?


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The program engVid offers English lessons from many different teachers; therefore, the programs offered are constantly changing depending on the teachers available to teach. Examples of programs that engVid English offers include "Learn the Future Progressive Tense," "Sound like a Native Speaker: Compound Nouns" and "English Vocabulary for Exercising at the Gym."

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One of the benefits of the engVid English program is that the classes are free. The classes are also easily accessible via any Internet device, such as a laptop, home computer or mobile phone or tablet. Most libraries in the United States also offer free Internet, making it possible to learn English from engVid without owning an Internet device.

English has become an important language to learn around the world due to its use as the "global language of business," according to Harvard Business Review. It has been reported that many companies have listed English as the chosen language for all corporate work due to its ability to be useful even when not fully understood.

The English programs on engVid help non-native English speakers learn terminology that is needed for business conferences and business meetings. The site helps users learn to speak English by watching native English speakers teach lessons via video. Another benefit of this program is the ability of students to watch the English speakers as they speak and pay attention to physical cues, such as facial expressions and mouth movements, while speaking.

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