What Are Some Free Programs That Clean up Your Hard Drive?

What Are Some Free Programs That Clean up Your Hard Drive?

Some free hard drive cleanup programs include CCleaner, CleanUp!, PC Decrapifier and Empty Temp Folders. These programs can all help people remove unwanted files from their hard drives and free up space.

CCleaner is a powerful disk cleaner that frees up space by removing unused temp files, cookies, history and cache files and more. The program also offers extensive customization options to prevent new programs from installing unnecessary files. CCleaner offers a free trial version that can fix major hard drive problems without owners having to sign up for the paid version, as of 2015.

CleanUp! is a compact, powerful application that also cleans up files from PCs. The simple program offers a completely free alternative to CCleaner, but CleanUp! lacks some of the more in-depth features of its competitor. The software does excel at cleaning up temporary files and also offers additional settings for Internet security.

PC Decrapifier is another useful program that removes the unwanted software that typically comes installed on new computers. While it’s possible to remove these programs manually, PC Decrapifier is an easy alternative that wins praise from PCWorld and The Washington Post.

While it no longer offers new updates, Empty Temp Folders is a practical program that does exactly what its name states, emptying temporary folders more thoroughly than a manual deleting process. Tech site Gizmo’s Freeware reports that in spite of its age, the program typically removes files more efficiently than newer programs.