How Do You Program a Time Warner Remote?

How Do You Program a Time Warner Remote?

The first step to programming a Time-Warner remote is to switch on the device you wish to program. Each of the five devices that the remote can program has a button on the top of the remote.

Press down the button once of the respective device. The device key blinks for a short instant. Next, hold down the setup button on the remote control for about five seconds.

The initially selected device blinks twice. It is an indication that the device is now ready to be programmed. Press 991 on the remote and the device key will blink twice yet again. Direct the remote to the programming device and press down the power button on the remote control. Press the Channel+ button and hold down the button until the programming device turns off.

Once again, press the setup button to lock in the code into the remote memory. Switch on the power button, and the device is ready to use. Direct programming is also possible if the user knows the four-digit device code. Instead of manually searching for the code, directly enter the code.

Program each of the devices similarly into the remote memory. To program a DVD or a VCR player ensure to insert the media disc into the player prior to programming the remote.