How Do You Program the AT&T U-Verse Remote?


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Programming an AT&T U-Verse remote is a simple process, but one that varies depending on the particular type of remote that is being used. Regardless of the remote type, first turn on the U-verse TV, press Menu on the remote, select Help and then select Remote Control Setup to see a list of remote control choices. Specific directions vary by model once these steps are completed.

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How Do You Program the AT&T U-Verse Remote?
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  1. Programming All Series of the S20 remote
  2. To program all series of the S20 remote, click the S20 Series Remote from the screen, and then click on Top Ten Brand Setup, Automatic Code or Manual Setup. Choosing Top Ten Brand Setup is a fast way to program the most popular TV brands from the current market, while Automatic Code Search lets the remote search for the right code for the device. Manual Setup also lets users search for the code and enter it manually.

  3. Programming S10 or Silver remotes
  4. To program an S10 remote or a Silver Remote, click on the type of remote from the on-screen menu, and then select either Automatic Code Search or Manual Setup. Each works as described for the S20.

  5. Programming Point Anywhere RF remotes
  6. For the Point Anywhere RF Remote, choose the remote from the on-screen menu and then select either Learning Mode or Automatic Code Search to find the right code for the device. Learning Mode allows the remote to learn the code from the original device remote.

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