How Do You Program a Sanyo Universal Remote?

Program a Sanyo universal remote by using a key code corresponding to the make and model of your television. These codes are found in the Sanyo universal remote manual.

  1. Find your television code

    In order to program your Sanyo universal remote, find the television's code. To do this, locate the make and model or your television set. Look for this information in the manual that came with your remote. There is a corresponding code next to make and model entry.

  2. Setup your remote and television connection

    Your Sanyo remote has a Setup button located on the top left or right corner of the remote, depending on the model of the remote. Press the Setup button until the light above or next to the button begins flashing. Release the Setup button, then press and hold the button labeled TV. While holding down the TV button, enter your television's universal remote code.

  3. Check your television and remote connection

    With the code successfully entered into the remote, release the TV button and press the button once. This turns off your television set. Press the TV button again to turn the television back on. If the television successfully turns on, the code has been accepted.