How Do You Program a Replacement Yamaha Remote?


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To program a replacement Yamaha remote, turn on the device you wish to program, and point the remote directly at it. Press and hold the Code Set button using a paper clip or ballpoint pen until the transmission light blinks twice. Then, enter the programming code on the numeric keypad, and press the Power button. The programming code is a four-digit number that corresponds with specific electronic devices. Yamaha remotes can control televisions, cable boxes and DVD players.

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Alternatively, go to USA.Yamaha.com, and click the Support link in the top menu. The top menu is located in the upper portion of the home page. Click the Downloads link, enter the remote control model number in the search field, and hit the Enter key. Select the manual for your Yamaha product, and click Download. You must have a PDF reader installed on your computer to save a digital version of the owner’s manual.

Yamaha Corporation is a Japanese multinational electronics, sports equipment and musical instrument company. Torakusu Yamaha founded the company in 1887, and it is currently headquartered in Shizuoka, Japan. Yamaha’s portfolio of products includes consumer electronics, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, industrial robots, wheelchairs, boats and more. As of January 2016, Yamaha is a publicly traded corporation and employs more than 19,000 people around the world.

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