How Do You Program an RCA Remote?

How Do You Program an RCA Remote?

The RCA remote comes pre-programmed with its codes. If the pre-programmed codes do not work on the device, it can be programmed using automatic code searching, brand code searching or direct brand entry method.

Turn on the power on the device to be operated with the RCA remote. To use the automatic code searching technique, press and hold the respective device button on the remote control. The RCA remote automatically scans for a television, so there is no need to press a button for pairing with a television.

Press the on-off button on the remote while holding down the device button. Direct the remote control to the device and hold the play button for five seconds as the remote tests a batch of codes. Repeat until the device turns off. Press the reverse button for two seconds, until the device turns on and then press the stop button. Repeat until the device turns on to complete the pairing.

To use the brand code searching technique, press the device button and the on-off button simultaneously and let go of both buttons when the on-off key illuminates. Enter the brand code number, and point the remote at the device. Hold the on-off button down for two seconds until the device is switched off, and then press the stop button to store the code.

In the direct entry method, press the device key and directly enter the first five-digit brand code. Repeat with all codes until the on-off key stays lit.