How Do I Program My RCA DIRECTV Remote?

In order to program an RCA DIRECTV remote, the individual must access the "Program Remote" option through the remotes "Menu" option. In some cases, a remote control code must be entered in order to locate the remote.

For users who have an HD receiver or HD DVR, they must hit the "Menu" button on the remote and then select "Settings & Help," "Settings." "Remote Control" and then "Program Remote" to start the programming process. If the remote is not listed in the devices ready to program, a five-digit code that is available from the DIRECTV website must be entered in order to locate the proper remote or the device that the remote is being programmed to control. The onscreen prompts guide the user through the programming process once the device is selected.

For users who have a standard DVR or SD receiver, they must hit "Menu" on the remote control and then select "Parental Favs & Setup," "System Setup," "Remote Control" and then "Program Remote." The device should be listed on the screen, but if not, the five-digit code can be entered to locate the device. The user simply follows the onscreen prompts to complete the programming process.

The DIRECTV website provides helpful tips for users including troubleshooting tips for a remote that is not working and information on how to use the remote.