How Do You Program Your Proscan Television Into Your Remote Control?

Many Proscan brand devices usually do not need to be programmed but if they do, a code search programming method is recommended. Follow seven easy steps to program a Proscan television with a code search.

Follow these steps to program the television using code search:

  1. Turn on the television manually
  2. Press and hold the "CODE SEARCH" button
  3. Press and release the button of the device you are setting up with the remote
  4. If aux is used, press aux before pressing the button for the device being programmed. The selected device button will flash once.

  5. Release the "CODE SEARCH" button
  6. Press the remote controls on/off button at a rate of once per second until the television turns off
  7. Once the television turns off, press and release the "ENTER" button
  8. Using the remote, press other buttons to make sure the remote is working
  9. If it does not work, repeat these steps.

If there are programming codes available, use this "CODE LIST" programming method:

  1. Find the device's 3-digit code
  2. Press and hold "CODE SEARCH" on remote
  3. Press and release the button for the device you are programming
  4. When the device button flashes, enter the three digit code
  5. Release the "CODE SEARCH" button