How to You Program an Innovate Universal Jumbo Remote Controller?


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Innovage Universal Jumbo Remote controllers can be programmed by determining the code corresponding to the brand of the device you wish to control, or by using the Code Search function. After identifying the code, follow the instructions provided by Innovage.

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Manufacturers of remote controls often publish the operation manuals for their products online. If the manufacturer does not publish this itself, third parties often will. Jumboremotecontrol.com has posted Innovage's Universal Jumbo Remote operating manual on its website. It has also created a page that explains the programming process to users.

Program the remote by turning on the device which needs to be controlled by the Innovage Universal Jumbo Remote. Point the remote control at the device, and press and hold the Code Search button for approximately three seconds until the light on the remote stays on. If the remote is needed for multiple devices, press the button corresponding to the device currently being programmed into the remote. For example, push the TV button to program the television, or press the DVD button to program a DVD player. The light on the remote control will blink and stay on. Slowly press and release the power button repeatedly until the device turns off. The light should blink once each time the power button is pressed. Press Enter to save the code into the remote, at which point the light will turn off. Repeat this process as needed for other devices.

If the device code is known prior to programming, simply enter it after pressing and holding the Code Search button for approximately three seconds, activating the light. The light turns off when a code is accepted, but it flashes if the code is rejected.

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