How Do You Program a Home Theater Remote Control?

Program home theater remote controls by manually entering the control codes for each device, scanning the devices, automatically acquiring the codes or entering the devices online, and programming the controller remotely. Specific procedures depend on the brand and model of the remote control, and not all of the procedures work with every type of remote. Many smartphones can also download apps that allow them to function as home theater remotes.

Manual code entry on home theater remotes such as Samsung's requires the user to select the specific device mode button to be programmed and hold it down until the indicator light flashes. Then, turn on the device to be controlled, and depress and hold the power button on the remote while entering the device's code on the remote control keypad. Release the power button, and press it once again to accept the code.

Many newer home theater remote controls, including the Acoustic Research Xsight Touch, come equipped with an infrared database and code learning capability. This allows them to scan devices and other remote controls and extract the control codes it needs.

The Logitech Harmony series of controllers incorporates some of the newest technology in home theater remote controls. Many Harmony units allow the user to connect the remote to a laptop computer and enter the home theater system's information on the company's website for programming. Many Harmony systems have smartphone apps as well.