How Do You Program a DISH TV Remote?


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Program a DISH TV remote by locating the appropriate code for the TV being used, pointing the remote at the TV, entering the code and pressing the pound key. To finish programming, press the red power button; the TV should respond to commands from the remote at this point. Inversely, use the remote's scan feature to program it.

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How Do You Program a DISH TV Remote?
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DISH supplies a list of four-digit codes for programming a DISH remote on its website. When programming the TV, be sure to point the remote at the TV as the same instructions can be used for programming a DVD player or other device. Once pointed at the TV, the four buttons on the top of the DISH remote light up. Enter the remote code; if entered correctly, the TV mode button should light up. Press the pound key one time; this should cause the TV button to blink three times. Press the power button to turn off the TV. If the remote programming was a success, the device powers down.

To program the remote via scan, point the remote at the TV then press and hold the TV button down. All four buttons light up. Press the power button, and then press the up arrow or down arrow key. This starts the scan. The device should power off within a few minutes. After it powers off, press the pound key on the remote, and then the power button. This completes the programming of the remote.

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