How Do I Program My DISH Network Remote Control?


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Programming a DISH Network remote control requires users to enter the proper remote control code for the additional unit or units that the remote will operate. There are three ways to program the DISH Network code into the remote.

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It is possible to set up a DISH Network remote to control a number of additional entertainment center devices, including a television set, DVD players and VCRs. Each unit has a unique code indexed by its manufacturer and matched to the exact DISH Network remote model a user owns. That number is three or four digits long. DISH Network allows users to program these codes into its various remotes in one of three ways.

Program by Code

Step 1

Point the remote at the device to be programmed and hold down the proper device button until all the device buttons light up.

Step 2

Enter the remote programming code or codes provided by DISH Network on its website followed by the pound (<"#">) button.

Step 3

Press the power button to see if the device turns on. If not, return to Step 1 and try out a different code.

Program by Scan

Step 1

Point the remote at the device to be programmed and hold it down until all device buttons light up.

Step 2

Press the power button on the remote and then alternate pressing the up and down arrow buttons on the remote until the device powers off.

Step 3

Press the pound (<"#">) button followed by the power button on the remote. If the scan worked, the device should turn back on.

Program by Menu

Step 1

Press the Menu button to access the DISH Network on-screen menu. From there, select Settings followed by Remote Control to access the Remote Manager sub-menu.

Step 2

Select the proper device (TV, DVD or AUX) and then Lookup Code. Follow the on-screen menu and sort through the criteria for that device and then select Next.

Step 3

Test the remote by attempting to power the device off and on again. If it works, select Yes.

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