How Do You Program a Digital Video Recorder to Record TV Shows?


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To program a digital video recorder to record TV shows, scroll through the Guide, select the TV show, and press the Record button on the remote. Record a single episode by pressing the Record button once, or press twice to record the entire show. To record a live TV show that you are watching, press the Record button. The instructions may vary slightly depending on the DVR model.

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A DVR allows users to record TV shows and store them on its hard drive, fast-forward, pause or rewind programs as well as skip advertisements. It also enables the user to schedule recording of programs up to two weeks ahead. DVRs provide an electronic programming guide for a certain period. Some DVRs have a smart programming option that enables the device to record shows that are similar to those a user has recorded or scheduled for recording.

A dual tuner DVR allows the user to watch one show while recording another, record two shows while watching another pre-recorded show or change between two live shows and pause, rewind or fast-forward between the two shows. A majority of DVRs have a recording capacity of up to 300 hours of standard definition programming and 60 hours of high definition programming.

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