How Do You Program an Alarm Clock on a Cordless Phone?


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To program an alarm clock on a cordless phone, enter the code to access the alarm function. Choose the type of alarm needed. Enter the date and the month, and then set the time for the alarm to sound. Choose the tone that you want to play when the alarm goes off. Verify that the alarm is set by locating the alarm icon on the handset.

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A cordless phone's alarm clock sounds for a full three minutes and can be stopped by pressing any key or returning the phone to the charger. The alarm does not deploy if the phone is being used. Manufacturers recommend choosing an alarm sound that differs from the phone's regular ring tone to avoid confusion.

There are three options when choosing the type of alarm. The default setting is "off." To set an alarm that sounds once, choose the "once" option. To set an alarm that is used at the same time everyday, choose the "daily" option.

The date and time must be set to schedule an alarm. When setting up the phone, enter the date, month, and four-digit year. Enter the hour and minute. If using a 24-hour clock, the phone asks for four digits; if using a 12-hour clock, the phone gives the option to enter AM or PM. It may be necessary to reset the date and time if a power outage occurs.

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