What Products Does Teachers Pay Teachers Offer?

What Products Does Teachers Pay Teachers Offer?

Teachers Pay Teachers offers products such as lesson plans, activities, worksheets, task cards and printables. It also features audio and video recordings, classroom decor and organizational materials, and other educational goods.

Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers can sell their creative works used in the classroom. The online marketplace includes several types of educational resources for sale, including software, eBooks, spreadsheets, teacher planning calendars, textbooks and novel studies. The service also offers hard goods that are meant to enhance the classroom experience and aid in the creation of resources.

The digital products come in various formats, such as documents, images, PowerPoint presentations, audio files, videos and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The website allows visitors to filter products according to subjects, grade level, price and resource type. Teachers Pay Teachers covers subjects such as language arts, math, science, social studies, world languages and music. It also markets holiday specials and seasonal products for summer, back-to-school, spring, New Year, Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving.

The online store offers specialty products related to child care, psychology, classroom management, handwriting and test preparation. The store also includes free downloadable digital products.

The site's sellers regularly offer sales and discounts on their products, which run for limited time periods. Some products are available for free, including samples of curriculum ideas and worksheets.