What Products and Services Does Straight Talk Wireless Offer?

What Products and Services Does Straight Talk Wireless Offer?

As of 2015, Straight Talk Wireless offers prepaid cell phones, service plans and mobile hot spots. It also offers landline phone service, vehicle monitoring and home security alert hardware.

Known for its prepaid cell phone service. Straight Talk allows a user to bring his own phone or purchase a new one. It offers cell phone service at costs between $30 and $60 per month, as of 2015. All plans include unlimited texts, and unlimited calling and data plans start at $45.

In addition to cell phone service, it offers landline service with Wi-Fi available. These plans range from $15 to $60 per month and offer unlimited calling. It also offers mobile hotspots for purchase in many locations. The cost of hardware ranges from $15 to $80, and a user can connect up to five devices at a time. It must be used with a mobile hotspot service plan, which offers between 1 and 7 gigabytes of data.

Straight Talk Wireless offers an automobile monitoring device designed for parents to monitor their teen's driving habits. It includes an option to disable text messaging while the car is in motion. Parents can access vehicle and driving information from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Additionally, the company offers a remote alert system for home security, which calls or sends a text when a door or window opens. It does not come equipped with a siren, does not call 911 and is not meant to replace a home alarm security system, states Straight Talk.