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Grammar Monster offers lessons regarding the proper use of punctuation, including apostrophes, colons and hyphens, lessons that explain the differences between commonly confused words as well as a glossary of grammar-related terms. Additionally, it provides test that cover topics such as parts of speech, tenses and definitions of grammar terms, and offers the "Grammar Rules: Writing With Military Precision" book for sale.

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Punctuation lessons are categorized and listed in an alphabetical order, with each category containing links to the main lesson for that category and those that cover specifics. For example, the main lesson for apostrophes covers the rules for using them as part of time expressions and plural constructions, whereas specific lessons focus on common misuses and the proper use after certain letters. The main lessons typically include a short test that requires users to select the correct version of a grammar element.

Each term in the glossary leads to an article that provides its definition, explains its proper use and shows examples. Most also include tests with five questions that cover the content explained within the article. Articles that explain the differences between two commonly confused words provide definitions for both and show several examples to illustrate these differences. Grammar tests are sorted based on their categories, and they either lead to a separate test or link to the quick tests that are embedded as part of glossary articles and those that cover common errors.

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